Walapi Harvest

Walapi Harvest by Robert Yellowhair
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     This original oil painting Titled: Walapi Harvest, will be shipped from the Artist: Robert Yellowhair.
       The image shown is of a print. The actual painting will not have the second signature and print info.
     The people of Walapi rest, the shrine was covered in feathers, the prayers written on smoker were stored in the Zuni fetish bowl and the sun was setting. Night is the time for spirits. Night is when the spirits will come, the spirits own the night but if you tie your feather to a stick and place it in the shrine if it is taken, by morning you will receive the blessings of the thirty two harvest kachina.
     The great Chief visits Walapi and places his X on the ground to be blessed by his lieutenant.
     While they work prayers are sent directly to the home of all kachina the San Francisco Peak. Heading the call all thirty two kachina, each representing one of the many fruits or plants naturally harvested in The First Mesa region come. With them they bring beans, squash, spinach, and corn to the faithful of Walapi. Deer and Antelope Kachina come to the harvest shrine and step on the powered markings to give their gifts to the people.
     When the people of Walapi wake their feathers have been taken and in their place a bounty of prosperity waits for the people to enjoy.
                                                                          Synopsis: Tiffany Anderson


Robert Yellowhair
Overall Size: 
36 w x 24 h
Image Size: 
36 w x 24 h
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