Spider Rock

Spider Rock by Robert Yellowhair
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     This original oil painting Titled: Spider Rock, will be shipped from the Artist: Robert Yellowhair.
       The image shown is of a print. The actual painting will not have the second signature and print info.
     Kesha walked the South Rim. The sun rose behind Spider Rock and tall needles gouged the sky and hid in the light. The Spider Woman watched her come.
     At Spider Rock in the Canyon de Chelly lives Spider Woman the spiritual Grandmother of the Dine' People who endowed Kesha, a young Navajo girl, with a great power. Spider Woman invited Kesha into her home and fed her. While Kesha ate Grandmother said, "Kesha you need to change you rags, I will make you a beautiful dress." Spider Woman ran seven hundred and fifty feet to the top of Spider Rock and gathered her cotton. With eight legs she wove the dress in just a few minutes. "Next," Spider Woman said, "you need moccasins, then a head tie, rugs, purses and belts." Everything Kesha needed even the knowledge of how to weave herself was given to her. Before the sun set Kesha had mastered the weaving and Grandmother Spider Woman sent Kesha home. When she arrived home her poor family did not recognize her. Kesha was resplendently dressed, confident in her weaving skill, and she was beautiful.
     "I am Kesha," she cried, "I am one of the Dine'." Yet they could not believe that the little girl who left this morning in rags was now so beautiful.
     "Where have you been? What did you do?"
     "I spent the day with my spirit Grandmother Spider Woman. She taught me how to weave."
Kesha's family recognized her. She taught them the art of weaving so it could be passed down through generations and become famous with all the nations.
     "Spider Rock" is the creative interpretation of all the tribes of the Southwest's acknowledging and celebrating the gift given to Kesha. They circle the seven hundred and fifty foot spindle working together to weave as the eight armed Spider Woman weaves .

                                                                     Synopsis: Tiffany Anderson




Robert Yellowhair
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36 w x 24 h
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