Sky Walk

Sky Walk by Robert Yellowhair
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     This original oil painting Titled: Sky Walk, will be shipped from the Artist: Robert Yellowhair.
       The image shown is of a print. The actual painting will not have the second signature and print info.
      The Hunter rolled over on his dirt bed, locked his hands together and cradled his head as he looked at the stars shining high above the canyon walls. The day had been long following the path of the Anasazi down into the mouth of the world carrying the rocks needed to build the great sweat bath. Today they built and prayed; tomorrow they would pray then hunt.
      The Hunter closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath of the wilderness holding it in his lungs until his ears rattled like the guards of the Kachina. Tomorrow he will offer his prayer to the great hunter The Serpent whispering his prayer into the Zuni fetish bowl where Serpent would find it. Ram was what he was after and Serpent knew how to hunt Ram.
     'The Hunter will pray to Wolf, Mountain Lion, and Bear, acknowledging their powers. He knows tomorrow he will need the strength of Bear, the speed of Mountain Lion, and at the right time the killer instinct of Wolf. But to know how the land speaks, to know where to hide and when to circle behind The Hunter needs The Serpent. Serpent the greatest hunter who uses his mind. Serpent knows where to wait. Serpent knows how to hunt Ram.
     Turning his head from the stars The Hunter watches Deer Kachina fly across the sunset to the skywalk above. He cannot see the great Kachina Chief and his acolyte in his coat of many colors. But deep down in his blood The Hunter knows they have drawn the mark; to X the ground to transform the Kachina spirits into mortal flesh. The Hunter rests his head back into his hands and listens to the music of the spirit world listening to the eerie song they sing. He knows they will bless him with their staff and he knows when the sun rises he will once again hear the Kachina song in mortal form where he can understand their words.
     The Hunter closes his eyes and hears the spirit song climb higher away from the camp of hunters into the skywalk above and falls into a deep sleep, dreaming of the trophies he will leave at the trophy tree. Ram, The Hunter thought before he left the spirit world and let his body rest for the day to hunt, to come.
                                                                              Synopsis by: Tiffany Anderson
Robert Yellowhair
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54 w x 32 h
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54 w x 32 h
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