The Protected Ones

Jerome Richard Tiger _ The Protected Ones
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One of Jerome Tiger's favorite subjects was children. In "The Protected Ones" he combines his often used ethereal theme with a tender protrayal of two children -- perhaps lost and alone in this world, but still watched and protected. At the time "The Protected Ones" was painted Jerome Tiger had two children who were appoximately the same age as the children in the painting. Characteristically, he used family and friends in his art, and from this imagery evolved the beautiful themes for his paintings. The realm of the hereafter was as natural as the past and present to Jerome Tiger. He could portray a spiritual theme with the same skill and ease as he could a worldly one. The belief that the Guiding Spirit watches over his people comes from the heart of the artist and the hearts of his Indian people.

Creek Seminole
1977 Margret Lois (Peggy) Tiger
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