Navajo Wedding Basket

Navajo Wedding Basket by Robert Yellowhair
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     This original oil painting Titled: Navajo Wedding Basket, will be shipped from the Artist: Robert Yellowhair.
       The image shown is of a print. The actual painting will not have the second signature and print info.
     Navajo wedding baskets have many purposes. Every basket has a series of rings that run through the basket's story and tells you what the basket is used for. Baskets with four rings are for weddings. Two rings represent the promises a man makes to a woman, the other two represent the promise the woman makes to the man. There are only three rings in "Navajo Wedding Basket" it is still called a wedding basket but in the painting is being used for a healing ceremony because the three rings means that no promises have been made.
     There are two Holy prayers that can never be recorded that are performed by the Native American Church to heal people with internal injuries. The living Way takes medicine from the earth and baptizes the sick person in corn pollen. The Holy Way uses an hour and a half long prayer sung and repeated to teach the sick to pray for them-selves while appealing to the gods. The prayer fan is adorned with the symbol of the universe where the gods come from and the two feathers that represent the gods they pray to, The Monster-Slayer and Born-for-Water.
     The squash blossom necklace is highly valued by Navajo women but so is the red sash that lies in the basket. During the birthing process a sash is wrapped around the mother's waist and a second is tied to the ceiling. Navajo women sit up during birth and use the sash to lift themselves up while the two midwives assist with the birthing. The "Navajo Wedding Basket" represents the long history of the medicine man and the tools he uses to heal his people.
                                                                        Synopsis: Tiffany Anderson
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26 w x 15 h
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26 w x 15 h
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