Innocent & Little Arrow Fixer

Jerome Richard Tiger _ Little Arrow Fixer (Plate 2)
Jerome Richard Tiger _ Innocent (Plate 1) Jerome Richard Tiger _ Innocent And Little Arrow Fixer (Cover)
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     This is a diptich print (a set of two prints). Plate 1 is Innocent, Plate 2 is Little Arrow Fixer. Click on the image to see both plates.
     Innocent: A mother gently embraces her older child, who kneels beside her, while tenderly cradling her baby. The mother seems to be looking deep into the youngster's face as if to examine his motives. Possibly the child has be mischievous, but the mother's love, strong and reassuring, looks beyond the boyish crime and sees the good natured, youthful spirit beneath, Thus the verdict is "Innocent". Little Arrow Fixer: Tiger often used family and friends for models and called upon true-to-life situations for many of his themes. The innocence and beauty of children always facinated him, and he was at his best in isolating a moment of time in a child's imaginative world. Working intently to repair his arrows, the "Little Arrow Fixer" with his round tummy, knock-knees, and pigeon-toes, is in a world unto himself. The exaggerated feather and the enormous bow, nearly twice the height of the small boy, are examples of Tiger's humor.
Creek Seminole
1979 Margret Lois (Peggy) Tiger
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5.25 w x 7.5 h
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