Canyon's Voice

Canyon Voice By D'von Charley
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     The Native American flutes primary purpose is to win over the female gender: to play her a son and enchyant her heart. Kokopelli is alwayhs seen playing his flute and dancing. His name is most often linked to fertility and the joy of life. Abundance can be felt when life comes forth. Kokopelli was a man who traveled widely and carried a sack on his back which contained seeds, babies, blankets and songs to offer maidens. When Kokopelli appeared he used a tradition five hole flute. Today you will mainstream flutist using the six hole flutes. You will come across flutes with two or three chambers that will give you a sound of many flutes playing together. The flutes have become a hand carvers work of art, usually made of western red cedar. Each taking a week or so to create, each never the same, like twins. They can look alike, but carry on like peole with their own personality and identities.
     My talent as a flutist brings spiritual solace, not only to myself, but others as well. I possess and utilize these musical instruments or prehistoric melodies, just as kokopelli. As one of his children or Kokopelli's flute child, my music comes from my soul and the inspiration of that moment. Therefore, I play to express my emotions. My music continues to be unplanned neither written nor rehearsed. Listen well, for you will not hear the same piece repeated. I play my chants with deep concentration. My spirited magic is within myself.
     The history of the flute will always remain my mystery, just as the stars and galaxies. This new millennium of mankind is here for now, but Kokopelli will remain with me throughout eternity.
     Thank you. May beauty be all around you.
     D'von Charley
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