Apache Friendship Basket

Apache Friendship Basket by Robert Yellowhair
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     This original oil painting Titled: Apache Friendship Basket, will be shipped from the Artist: Robert Yellowhair.
       The image shown is of a print. The actual painting will not have the second signature and print info.
     The "Apache Friendship Basket" features a Hopi water vase which contains a prayer for family.
     The Apache basket has two medicine men at the front surrounded by the pictographs of home and water. Four dancers and a clown stand in the basket. The clown holds a thunder stick which is traditionally used in Apache rain ceremonies. The three feathered prayer fan with its four prayer sticks on the handle are commonly used in the Native American Church during their peyote ceremonies.
     Turquoise is considered the most beautiful stone by the Navajo culture. If a diamond and a turquoise were set side by side many Navajo women will choose to adorn themselves in the colorful stone. As a young man Robert's grandfather was sold as a slave and taken to the east, when he returned home he brought crushed shells to use in his medicine and large shells to adorn his family. The shell combined with the turquoise necklace represents beauty and love.
                                                                     Synopsis: Tiffany Anderson
Robert Yellowhair
Overall Size: 
18 w x 24 h
Image Size: 
18 w x 24 h
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