2008 Native American Art Calendar

2008 Native American Art Calendar
Benjamine Harjo Jr. _ Sam An Ella Brent Learned _ Arapaho Brothers Charles Chapman _ Three Coup Dorthy Sullivan _ Grandma Makes It Better Gordon L. Yellowman Sr. _ Sharp Nose Lee Bocock _ The Stalkers Merlin Little Thunder _ Black Kettle Descendants At Play Near Fonda Norma Howard _ Choctaw Woman In The Bayou Richard Whitman _ Stronghold Of The Sun Troy Anderson _ Arise My Love Wayne Cooper _ Many Horses Harvey Pratt _ The Healer Bear Medicine Sherman Chaddlesone _ Sublime Transition
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The year may have past, but this calendar has 14 wonderful images. Think of it as a bargin collection and enjoy.
Overall Size: 
14 w x 11 h
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