Prints & Posters items by Mopope, Stephen

  • Stephen Mopope _ 100 Years Of Native American Painting
    A colorful stylized American Indian dancer by the renowned Kiowa 5 artist Stephen Mopope  is depicted in this Oklahoma Museum of Art poster.  The Kiowa Five, including Stephen Mopope, were introduced to the Art World at the First International Art Exhibition in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1928. Stephen exhibited his artwork extensively at the Tulsa (OK) County Fairgrounds American Indian week, the Arizona State Museum (Tucson), the Heard Museum (Phoenix, AZ), the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum (Oklahoma City), the Laguna Gloria Art Museum (Austin, TX), the Tulsa (OK) Garden Center Midwest professional Artists Benefit Art show, the Native American Center for the Living Arts (Niagara, NY), the Oklahoma Museum of Art (Oklahoma City), the Philbrook Museum of Art (Tulsa, OK), the Stark Museum of Art (Orange, TX), the 1965 Kermac Mural Design Exhibit & the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.). Stephen was given solo art exhibits at the American Indian Exposition & Congress (Tulsa, OK), the Jacobson House (Norman, OK) & the Southern Plains Indian Museum & Craft Center (Anadarko, OK).