Yellowhair, Robert

Robert Yellowhair
Date of Birth: 
Aug. 8, 1937
Place of Birth: 
North of Holbrook (AZ) in Na-Ah-Tee Canyon



      Robert was born August 8, 1937 in a Navajo Hogan in Na-Ah-Tee Canyon 35 miles north of Holbrook, Arizona to Peter Yellowhair and Phoebe. Peter Yellowhair was a medicine man, bounty hunter, rancher, silversmith, and sand painter. Phoebe was skilled in Navajo rug weaving, and herded sheep.

     In Robert's early years, while herding sheep, he drew figures on sand stone with a nail, figures which still exist to this day. He filled his head and heart with legends of his Navajo culture which are brought to life in his vivid paintings of kachinas, Indian pottery, jewelry, baskets, and native animals all located in the beautiful country of Northeastern Arizona.

     In his teen years Robert attended Carson City Indian School in Nevada and there fell in love with the paintings of Charles M. Russell and spent many hours analyzing the style and technique. Robert has had no formal training as an artist. His talent has come from within, as have the paintings he has brought to life. His first painting was with water colors and sold for 50 cents.

     Robert has now painted many hundreds of pieces of art that hang in homes and businesses all over the Southwest He has competed in the Navajo Nation Fair, All American Indian Art Show, Arizona State Fair, and in Los Angeles, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. In all of these shows he has won Grand Prize, or First Place.

     Robert married Louise, who comes from Indian Wells, AZ. They are the parents of 7 children and 15 grandchildren. They have lived in Snowflake, AZ since 1964 and are well known in the community.

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