Creepingbear, Mirac

Place of Birth: 
Lawton, OK


     Mirac Creepingbear's mother Rita Little Chief Creepingbear wanted to name him Miracle. When filllng out the forms, Rita ran the letters over into the middle name block. The clerk recorded his name as Mirac Lee Creepingbear. Growing up in two Indian communities Carnegie & Pawnee, OK, Mirac maintained close ties with both sides of his family.
     Mirac was nurtured by such traditional values as spirituality, community & sharing. Mirac said, "In my work, I try to show the strength & character of our people, how we live now. The feeling comes from the heart & my work reflects my felling of pride for my people. I feel that I am recording history, one person's view about who we are, the positive as well as the negative aspects of Indian Culture.
     Mirac worked for an electric company until becoming a full-time painter & sculptor in 1974. Mirac worked in oil, acrylics, watercolor, tempera, pencil, pen & ink, pastel, soapstone & prints. Mirac exhibited extensively with solo exhibitions at the Jacobson House (Norman, OK), the Southern plains Indian Museum & Craft Center (Anadarko, OK) & the Center of the American Indian at the Kirkpatrick Center Museum (Oklahoma City, OK). Mirac won numerous awards at the American Indian Exposition (Anadarko, OK), the Trail of Tears Art show at the Cherokee National Museum (Tahlequah, OK), the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials (Gallup, NM), the Philbrook Museum of Art (Tulsa, OK) & the Red Earth Festival (Oklahoma City, OK). Mirac also exhibited at the Native American Center for the Living Arts (Niagara Falls, NY), the Kiowa Five show at the Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM) & the John F. Kennedy Center for the performing Arts (Washington, D.C.).
     Numerous private & public art collections feature artwork by Mirac Creepingbear, including the Heritage center Inc. Collection (Pine Ridge, SD) & the Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM). Parker Boyiddle, Sherman Chaddlesone & Mirac were also commissioned for a Mural project at the Kiowa Tribal Museum (Carnegie, OK).
     Mirac was an undiagnosed diabetic. while dieting in Oct. 1990, Mirac tragically went into a dlabetic coma & passed away at the age of 43.
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