Charley, D'von

D'von Charley


     Native American Flutist of the Dine Nation. Charley is a native of Canyon De Chelly, Arizona in the Northeastern part of the Four corners region also know as Chinle. Charley is of the Salt People Clan (Ashil hii). Born for the Zuni red streak running into water clan (Na Neesh tezie Ta Chii nii). As a kid D'von was inspired afteer hearing a local Native American radio station playing traditional flute music. Charley is a self-taught flutist. He picked up and began composing his music in 1995 while attending Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California. After meeting Travis Terry at a local restaurant in 2004 where D'von was employed and gaining continuest inspiration he began performing and traveling the navajo reservation as well as performing at the 23rd annual BBQ Festival in Lexington, North Carolina in the Fall of 2006. His talent as a flute player/composer took him traveling halfway around the world to Paris, France with composer/recording artist Jay Begay.

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