Bolia, Kate

Kate Bolia
Date of Birth: 
August 26, 1975
Place of Birth: 
Kinston, NC.


About the Artist
     Kate Bolia is a tribal member of the Pee Dee Indian Nation of Upper South Carolina. Her family are members of both the Pee Dee Indian Nation and the Lumbee tribes. Her exploration of what it means to be "Indian" has lead to her seek a greater knowledge of the Native American and Aboriginal cultures, not only from her own tribe's perspective, but others as well. She has travelled throughout the US, Canada, and South America meeting other Native people and seeking insight into their cultures and influences. Feelings of being disconnected, displaced and "not fitting in completely" with both her Native American and European cultures have led her on this incredible journey. During this time, Kate has learned she's not alone and many Native Americans struggle with the same issues. We seem to straddle two worlds. What is it that makes us Indian? Is it a quantum of blood, a closeness and understanding of our tribe, walking the path of our ancestors and/or our connection with nature and animals? These themes are subtlety explored in Kate's work.
     Kate began painting in 2009 and has seen much success in a short period of time. Her work "Cherokee" was featured in Issue #64 of International Artist Magazine and also exhibited in the Allied Artists of America show in Gramercy Park, NY in 2011. She has also exhibited and won awards with the Portrait Society of Atlanta, the country's oldest operating portrait society.

Artist Statement:

     I am a painter who is driven by a desire to create a window to my soul and the path that guides me.  My style aims to blends realism with loose, artistic brushstrokes that bring a painting to life.  Bright, vibrant colors and bold style lend themselves to a wide range of subject matter, my favorite being the Native American people.  As a Native American, this is where my heart lies.   I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to pursue my gift full time and to have found the road I am meant to travel. I live in Atlanta with my husband, Don, and our two dogs, Beauregard and Madison.

Awards and Shows:
International Artist Magazine, August/September 2011Issue
     "Cherokee" - 3rd Place Winner

Allied Artist of America's Annual Exhibition located at The National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, New York, NY
     "Cherokee" exhibited
Portrait Society of Atlanta, Summer 2012 Exhibition
     "Before the Dance" - 3rd Place Winner
     "Haisla Elder" - exhibited


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