Belindo, Dennis

Dennis Belindo
Date of Birth: 
Dec. 12, 1938
Place of Birth: 
Phoenix, AZ
Date of Death: 
Sept. 2009


      Dennis Belindo was born on Dec. 12, 1938 in Phoenix, AZ.  His paternal grand father Red Whiskers was a Navajo medicine man.  His maternal grand father Wind Goomda was the Keeper of the Taime (Sun Dance God).  Dennis was a descendant of the famous Sioux chief Red Cloud & the Kiowa chief Lone Wolf.  His Kiowa ancestry may have originated when a Kiowa woman was captured by the Sioux.  Dennis attended Bacone College (OK), Northeastern State College (OK), & he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1962.  Dennis subsequently attended law school at Oklahoma City University.  Dennis graduated from the University of New Mexico with an MBA degree in 1974.  Dennis made his home in Oklahoma City.  He worked as an educator, curriculum consultant, legislative analyst, research & development analyst, national Indian affairs activist & a painter.  Dennis passed away in Sept. 2009.
      Dennis was influenced by the artwork of Stephen Mopope, Dick West, Oscar Howe & Pablo Picasso.  Dennis said he learned to simplify form to basic planes from the artwork of Oscar Howe & Picasso.  He painted in the decorative, patterned & 2-dimentionally based traditions of Kiowa art.  Dennis worked in acrylic, watercolor & casein.  From 1969 to 1978, Dennis did not paint due to his teaching & community activities.  He did not resume painting until 1979.
      Dennis exhibited extensively & won numerous awards at the Abilene (TX) Fine Arts Museum, the American Indian Exposition, the Bacone College McCombs Gallery, the Kirkpatrick Center Museum Complex's Center of the American Indian, the Cherokee National Museum, the Heard Museum, the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum, the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials, the Museum of New Mexico, the Mayfest International Festival (Winston-Salem, NC), the Museum of the Plains Indian (Browning, MT), the Millicent Rogers Museum, the Native American Center for the Living Arts, the All-Oklahoma Indian Artists Invitational exhibit at the Oklahoma Art Center Gallery, the Philbrook Museum of Art, the Red Earth Festival, the Southern Plains Indian Museum & Crafts Center, the Texas Technical University, the Night of the First Americans exhibit at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the U.S. Department of the Interior's Second Annual Invitational Exhibition of American Indian Paintings, the Smithsonian Institution & the Franco-American Institute Exhibit (Rennes, France).
      Dennis had solo exhibits at the University of Oklahoma, the Cherokee National Museum, the Heard Museum & the Southern Plains Indian Museum & Crafts Center.  Dennis participated in several prestigious touring exhibits including the Amarillo Art Center's Native American Painting exhibit, the Southern Plains Indian Museum & the Oklahoma Indian Arts & Crafts Co-operative's Contemporary Southern Plains Indian Paintings exhibit & the Philbrook Museum of Art's Indianischer Kunstler tour of West Germany.
      Dennis received commissions for the 1965 Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial poster, from Central High School (Oklahoma City) & from the State of Oklahoma in 1987 for a painted tipi to be presented to the Government of Kyoto, Japan.  Dennis's artwork is featured in several private & public art collections including the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials & the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum.  Dennis was honored with membership in the Delta Tau Delta Honorary Art Fraternity.
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